- Bulk emails are designed for instant mass sending. This can be sent to a filtered audience or your whole database.

- For automated emails, please follow this guide:

1. Within the product portal go to "Marketing">"Campaigns".

2. Once there go to the top right "Create Campaign" button. Or if you're editing an existing campaign, click on the edit button below:

3. Setup: This will take you to the campaign wizard. The first thing to do is to give your campaign a name/subject and if it's an offer or promotion to assign an appropriate return estimate using spend per head.

Spend-per head is calculated using WiFi returns to your physical venue. So if you place in £20, when a customer comes back; you will see an addition of £20 to your campaign return estimate.

  • This is really good for set price products/menus!

  • If you're making a campaign that's not needing a Spend per head, just add in £1 to go forward.

4. Who: Segments are your filters. What you define here will be the portion of your audience this email will be sent to.

You can make custom filters using the 'Create new segment' button. From there you can mix and match filters for customers to reach out to!

  • Creating filters is very easy. Here's an example of a birthday filter. This email will be sent to those who's birthday is one week.

  • You can mix and match with other filters to reach a wider audience by clicking "Add condition".

  • Give the segment a good name for easy referral in future campaigns.

5. How to send: The next step will define what medium your customer will be contacted through, SMS or email. You can only toggle one of these per campaigns. So make sure to make 2 campaigns if you're contacting through both methods.

6. Email options: This is where you define a subject line, email sender and type of template:

  • Send from: This is the email and sender name that your customers will see. They will also reply to this email if they reply to your campaign.

  • Builder: A drag and drop designer for emails that has various pre-made templates for you!

  • HTML: If you built your email from scratch or would like to bring something from another builder to Stampede, you can use the HTML code and paste in to send through Stampede.


7. Email Template: is where you will design your email aesthetic. The best way to get started is by using one of our many templates!

  • Click on the top left '"Preset templates" to select through them.


8. The next step is to set your SMS sender and message. You can add links to SMS campaigns or promote your website or social media!

  • Use a simple name that tells your customer who is contacting them.

9. Send: ​After setting up your 2 templates, that's your campaign ready to fire!

Hit the "Send now button" and wait a few moments for the process to start. The campaign will now send out to your contacts over the course of a few minutes.

- If you'd like further assistance, please contact us via live chat or email us on support@stampede.ai.

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