The Stampede Marketing reports will give you top-notch stats on how your campaigns are performing, here are some of the stats you will see:

  • Open rates

  • Email interactions

  • Click rates

  • Bounces

  • Returns

  • ROI (Return of investment)

1. Within the product portal go to "Marketing">"Email Campaigns".

2. Go to the campaign that you would like to see the stats for and click on the stats button on the far right, it will look like this:

3. Once in the stats page you will be greeted with various different reports.

  1. Returned to venue: Gives you a report based on new visits to the WiFi and QR codes. This includes ROI estimations.

  2. Sending Stats: This is where you will see overall stats on how your email send out and how people have reacted to it.

  3. Most Engaged: From here you will be able to see what customers have done with your email on a per-customer basis. This is great for finding out more about your most loyal customers.

  4. Most Engaged: Hover over the button on the right side to alternate between all the specific customer interactions.

For further help figuring out what to do and how to make the most of this feature please contact us on Live-Chat or

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