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Marketing Campaign Reports
Marketing Campaign Reports

Access the latest data and performance metrics of your campaigns

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

With the new email and campaign reporting overhaul coming put this month, you can access your sending data in even greater detail and ever before. Below you will learn how to access the campaign report and the information it holds.

You will find the campaign report next to each campaign. Go to Marketing>Emails then click the report icon next to the campaign.

When you open the campaign report, you will immediately be greeted by the dashboard. Here you will see details relating customer interactions, campaign ROI and content details. Below the dashboard you will be given a more in-depth report.

Firstly, you will see the Returned to venue section.

Return Visit ROI - The amount of money made by returning customers that viewed this campaign

Unique Return Visit - The number of uniquely returning customers

Return Visits - The total number of returning customers (including repeat visits)

After scrolling down you will see the click map, which shows a copy of your campaign and a mouse Icon, representing the number of times a customer clicked on that link. This will allow you to understand where customers clicked and how that effected their route.

Related to the click map above, below you will have a clear list of every link on your page and how many times they were clicked.

As well as tracking clicks on each link, you can also see your most engaged contacts, which tracks how many times a customer interacted with the campaign. (blurred for privacy reasons)

Here is another visual depiction of your customer data, Location data can be fantastic for targeting tourist or locals and gives you better insights into your clientele. Below are the top locations your customers are based from (most likely to be near your venue.)

Finally we reach the sending report, which explains how much of your customer open interacted and received your email campaign.

Sent: The number of emails sent out in the campaign

Delivered: The number of successful deliveries

Unique Opens: The number of opens done by a unique customer

Opens: The number of opens, including repeat opens!

Unique Click: The number of clicks done by a unique customer

Clicks: The number of clicks, including repeat clicks!

Bounced: Those users who's email address was blocked, this can be a soft bounce, which means the stampede service will try again later. These bounces can happen because the inbox is full, or the service was temporarily unavailable. Or it can be a hard bounce, for example, if the sending domain is marked as spam, the email address has been deleted or the email address is wrong. This means the stampede service will add the user to the suppression list and will never attempt contact again.

Unsubscribed:Those users who unsubscribed through the link at the bottom of the campaign (this link is required to stay GDPR compliant).

One of the great features of the sending report is the ability to follow up using the campaign retargeting icons net to each of the clicks and opens titles, this allows you to automatically create segments to target customers who have/ haven't opened or clicked the campaign. This can be great for targeting customers who have missed your first campaign, or missed an important link!

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