This is how to set-up an automated trigger-based marketing campaign within the Stampede marketing suite.

1. Within the product portal go to "Marketing">"Campaigns". The button will look like this:

2. Once there go to the top right "Create Campaign" button, choose automation. Or if you're editing an existing campaign, click on the edit button below:

You’ll now be presented with the setup wizard which walks you through creating the campaign.

3. Setup: This will take you to the campaign wizard. The first thing to do is to give your campaign a name/subject and if it's an offer or promotion to assign an appropriate return estimate using spend per head. This is later calculated using WiFi returns to your physical venue. So if you place in £20, when a customer comes back; you will see an addition of £20 to your campaign return estimate.

  • This is really good for set price products/menus!

  • If you're making a campaign that's not needing a Spend per head, just add in £1 to go forward.

4. Who: Now create the audience you wish to receive this message. This can be done by using the options on the left-hand side, in this example, we will use "Left Venue - Greater Than - 1440 minutes", meaning a customer will receive the message on their third visit. If you already have an audience you can press the "Use existing audience" button and select an existing audience.

  • You can create multi-step triggers using all the available options, this is done by clicking the "Add Rule" button. In the below example we’ve set it to "Visits = 1" meaning that when someone who has visited 3 times or visited in the last month, a marketing message will be sent!

5. How to send: In this stage, you will choose whether your campaign will be an SMS or Email based one. You can only choose one of these options, if you want to run this campaign on both methods, you will need to create another fresh campaign.

6. Now it’s time to create your campaign messages:


  • Choose an SMS sender (who will appear as the sender of the SMS message) and the body of your message.


  • All email templates can be created using a pre-made template. These templates will have all the essentials in terms of what you might be sending you customers. All you need to do is choose "Preset templates" on the top left and that will show you the drop-down with all the options you may use. Editing is very easy, all you need to do select text to change it, or the same for images.

  • Images can't be resized in the builder, make sure to add images no heavier than 2MB.

  • You must assign an email subject and an email-sender in the "From" tab.

Here's a little tip!

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction designed to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "Call now", "find out more" or "Visit a store today"; the point of the CTA is to get the recipient to do something i.e. if you are promoting 20% off coupons, it could be “Get your voucher code here”.

How to set up your button:

Click on the button icon and you’ll be shown the following:

You can choose the colour of the button and the URL it will redirect to.

For further help figuring out what to do and how to make the most of this feature please contact us on Live-Chat or

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