1. To get started, go to the growth section. Once in the growth section click on 'cards' within the gift card tab.

2. Click on the "+" to start building your gift card. If you have not setup Stripe, you will receive a pop-up asking you to do so. This is necessary to save and activate your gift card.

3. You will be presented with an editor and a preview of your gift card. Start with your title and move on to the description. The description is where you would add things such as T&Cs, any additional discounts and other information that goes with your brand.

- The editor will automatically pull through any pictures that are currently set as your login screen for the Wi-Fi.

- Theme colour will define your button's colours.

- The background image is only visible on the actual gift card form.

4. Text in the description can be altered by highlighting the piece of text you wish to edit.

5. Hit save and choose the methods of sharing you'd like use. There are 4 main ways to so:

- Create a Campaign: This will take you to our email/SMS campaign builder where you will be able to create a button that takes your customers to your gift card form using your shareable link.

- Embed on a website: A line of code that you can paste onto your website will attach your gift card form, this form will retain your design and description.

- Shareable Link: This link can be pasted anywhere and will take your customers to the gift card you've designed. Perfect for social media sharing!

- QR Code: This is a scannable code that your customers can scan with a wide variety of smartphone cameras. The code will take the scanner to your gift card! Great for adding to a sign for your brand.

On the top right of the builder/preview screen click on the share button.

This will open a pop up showing the wide variety of options for sharing.

6. After your gift card starts getting interactions, you'll be able to keep track of who's redeemed and paid for gift cards in the activations menu.

- To do this, go to "Gift cards" > "Activations" in your left main navigation bar.

- You can check the amount spent.

- Status of payment.

- When the gift card was bought.

- Customers that didn't buy a gift card but filled in their details.

- When and who scanned the gift card at time of redemption.

- You will be able to view a specific customer's card number, QR code and details by clicking on their name on the list. You will be able to refund, verify, mark as used and much more from there:

7. Some customers may struggle to receive a gift card due to an incorrect email being put in or them having an overly sensitive spam filter. For cases like these, the best thing to do is to ask the customer for a new email to resend the gift card to.

- To do this, go to the customer's gift card as detailed on step 6 and proceed to use the Change Owner button, input the details and hit Re-send.

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