1. To get started, go to your venue specific settings by clicking on the top left option in your main navigation bar.

2. Click on Sources under the Reviews tab.

3. You will see a set of boxes like the one in the image below.

  • Google: You need to make sure your business address is set up in the box. Just write your address and business name, and you should see a little bit of text asking: "Is XXXX your business?".

  • Facebook: You will need to authorise. Click on “Authorize”, that button will prompt you to login into your Facebook business account (On a separate tab). After that's done, just select the correct Account and Page.

  • TripAdvisor: All you need to do is paste in the link of your TripAdvisor profile (This is the link that's visible to anyone form a google search etc).

4. You're all done. Any reviews made through the Stampede system that are over 3 stars will be sent through to your sources. Remember to set up a template by following this guide:


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