There are several reasons you would need to add a device to Stampede's device management:

  1. To extend your WiFi network with an Access Point.

  2. To allow a device (printer, music speaker, iPad running Spotify) access to the network without going through the guest portal.

  3. This is very important in the case of the device running music because if it is not added then the connection will come in and out, disrupting the streaming of music.

  4. Staff devices that need to skip the portal.

To whitelist a device, please follow the following steps:

1. Once logged in, go to Venue > Settings > Network

2. You'll have 2 options:

  1. Whitelist: Bypasses the guest portal by adding in the MAC address of your preferred device.

  2. Managed Devices: Same as whitelisting but allows you to keep track of the device's status from the Stampede portal. You will need the MAC address and IP.

3. Go to the "Add New Device" button and insert the required fields to manage the device. Give the device and easy to identify name.

4. Afterwards, the device will be listed and manageable/replaceable.

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