1. To get started go to your venue specific settings by clicking on the top left option in your main navigation bar.

2. Click on "Template" within the reviews tab. This will bring you to the email that will be sent out to visitors after they leave your venue asking for a review.

3. Start from top to bottom and begin by adding a relevant subject line to your email.

4. Where it says "Send From" will alter your sender name and reply-to email (Email your customers will be able to respond to). Hit "Edit" if you need to add a new sender. This is usually an email like info@yourbusiness.com

The sender will be selected by default after you use the edit button.

5. Up next define how much time you would like to have between a customer connecting and them receiving your email. This can vary depending on your type of business so have a good think on how much time would allow your customers to enjoy and reflect on their experience.

6. Add a header logo image and background image by clicking on the boxes marked as: "Header logo" and "Background Image"

7. Lastly, add in the title and text body of your email. Jazz it up with your own touch! The text will change as you type on the right hand-side preview.

8. Make sure that the switch on the top right corner is set to "Active".

9. You're all done! Make sure to set up the integrations with review platforms using this guide and all users who rate more than 3 stars will be pointed towards there.

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