How to use Track & Trace

How to use Track & Trace

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Customer contact details can be collected in any of three ways. Guest WiFi, QR code or manually. All this data is held within a new section of the dashboard called ‘interactions’. This pulls all data from all the available sources and sites into one place. It can be found under the 'customers' tab, this is where signups can be verified in real-time.

Guest WiFi

To use track & trace with your existing Stampede WiFi network nothing needs to be changed. Simply let your customers know they can sign in to the WiFi to give their details. Guests' data will be stored in the interactions section of your dashboard.

QR Code

Sign up to receive your physical COVID pack containing QR code stickers or download them here: Guests can scan this code using the camera app on any smartphone, they will be asked to choose your location from a list of nearby venues then give their contact details.

To add your venue location navigate to 'Venue Settings' and enter your venue's address. Make sure this is accurate so customers can check-in.

Manual Check-in

If a customer is unable to sign in to the WiFi or scan a QR code staff members can manually record their visit. To do this use the ‘Add Guest’ button at the top of the interactions screen. This will generate a reusable form link to take their details.

If there is a request from the NHS track & trace team get in touch and we'll be able to package up all the data you need to send to them.

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