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How to redeem a fully stamped card
How to redeem a fully stamped card

How your customers will redeem completed loyalty cards

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1. Download the “My Stamps” app

2. Sign in to Stampede with the same email that has your fully stamped card.

3. Flick through the cards and find the card that says ‘Reward waiting’. The number shown is how many fully stamped cards you have. Click the ‘Reward waiting’ button and this will then show your fully stamped card.

4. When you are at the venue and the server asks to see your card hit ‘Redeem Card’.

When you redeem this card you will have 3 minutes to show it to a server, from there it will be removed from your account

5. Once you have shown the server your redeemed card hit ‘Redeemed’. This will bring you back to the home screen where all your cards sit.

6. You have successfully redeemed your fully stamped card! Enjoy your free item or discount and we hope to see you with another fully stamped card soon.

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