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How to create a scheme
How to create a scheme

Set up a loyalty scheme for your customers to collect stamps on each visit.

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A loyalty scheme is a great way to reward a customer for lengths of loyal patronage with your establishment and massively impact a customer's view of your brand. In this article I will be showing you how to create a Stampede Loyalty system, and explain how the Stamp card system works.

The Stampede loyalty scheme looks very similar to the typical stamp cards that are synonymous with local cafes and fast food restaurants. The premise is simple, when a customer enters your establishment, makes a purchase, or connects to the WiFi, they will gain a stamp, with enough stamps the user can exchange the digital stamp card for a reward.

Below is a simple guide and detailed explanation of the features of the Loyalty scheme and how they work.

  1. Click the 'Loyalty' icon on the left side of the screen

  2. Click 'Add loyalty card'

  3. The loyalty scheme customisation screen is full of options and is highly customisable, do note however: Once a loyalty scheme is created, it cannot be edited. The loyalty scheme creator also comes with a preview image that shows you a completed

    • General

      • Scheme's name - The name of the loyalty scheme you're creating. (in this example it is Stampede Stamp card)

      • Active - Whether or not the loyalty scheme is active and accepting rewards and stamps.

    • Redemptions

      • Allow re-stamps after - Allows you to block re-stamping for a fixed period of time to ensure customers don't double stamp. This can range from 30 seconds to many days.

      • Stamps to redeem - The number of stamps required to gain a reward.

      • Reward type - Choose between item-based (free drink, free side, etc) which also adds the Reward code SKU Icon or cash-based (£10 off) which adds a reward amount Icon

      • Reward Code SKU - An optional code that can interact with a till/cash register in exchange for your reward.

      • Terms - The Terms and Conditions of using the loyalty scheme and gaining rewards.

    • Branding

      • Scheme logo - The main logo at the top of your stamp card

      • Scheme card colour - The background colour of your scheme, this scheme is sourced from the colours of images and icons added to the loyalty scheme.

      • Scheme Icon - The icon used to represent stamps on the stamp card

      • Scheme Icon background colour - The background colour of your stamp (only applicable if the Icon used has transparency.)

    • Optional settings

      • Redeem at venue - Select which venue the loyalty scheme can be redeemed at, if none are picked, then it will be available for redemption at all venues.

      • Auto stamp on in-venue visits - If a customer logs into your WiFi, you can set your Stampede to automatically give them a stamp.

  4. Once your Loyalty card has been created, hit 'Create' in the top right corner of the screen, you will be given a final warning that once the Scheme is created, you cannot edit it. Your loyalty scheme is now complete!

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