1. Within the product portal go to Marketing>Templates.

The marketing icon looks like this:

2. The process of setting up a template mirrors that of a campaign. There will only be a few steps missing. To get started use the Add Template button on the top right.

3. You will be first presented with a naming option for the template along with a selector of either SMS or email.

4. The next step will include the email format and subject line. If you choose a builder you will use a drag and drop system by Stampede. If using an HTML code from another builder, choose HTML.

5. Up next, you must either paste your HTML code or build your own email.

  • The builder uses drag and drop for adding in new content like buttons, images and much more.

  • Use one for premade templates and edit it to your liking on the top left side of your screen. The button says Preset templates.

  • If you get stuck building an email at any point, please use the LiveChat on the bottom right, we will get back to you within 2 minutes when open!

  • You can send yourself test emails by clicking on Send Test on the right side of your screen when in the builder.

6. Hit save on the next step and go back to your template list.

7. Create a new email using your template by going to the row of the desired template and clicking on Actions>Automation/Bulk.

  • You can also delete or duplicate a template using the Actions button.

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