1. Within the product portal go to Marketing>Menus.

The marketing icon looks like this:

2. To get started, hit the Create Menu button on the top right. This will take you to the builder.

3. Start by creating a new link path. Add in something that is unique to your business. Something like MyBusiness-LunchMenu.

4. After that, add-in a logo image for your menu and change the colour of the QR code to best match your branding.

5. Next step is to create new items. These can be for any number of reasons like a food item, a link to your food menu on your website, your Loyalty scheme or even Track & Trace and anything else that you would like to list out for easy access.

  • Items are divided into names and links. You can also add in pricing if you are adding in a dish with a description as the name.

  • Make sure to hit Save every time you add in a price or make a change to your items!

  • You can copy the links from all other QR codes and add them as an item. This will make things like Track & trace easily accessible.

6. Finally, just make sure you are happy with your menu by visiting the unique link of your menu from the first few steps. You can make changes to your menu at any time.

  • Make sure to download the QR code and print it to replace the overwhelming amount of other QR codes.

  • If you are stuck at any point, please get in touch with us via the LiveChat button on the bottom right.

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