1. Within product go to "Marketing" > "Newsletter signup" this can be found on your left navigation bar.

2. Once there go to the top right and click the plus button. Or if you're editing an existing form, go to "Settings" on the form of your choice.

3. The form creation window will open.

  • Give a name to your form.

  • Click on the question area to define what details you'd like your customers to add-in

  • Select what venues you'd like these users assigned to.

  • Add in some terms & conditions. Something like: By signing up you agree to be contacted with offers and updates from our business.

  • You can add in a redirection, this makes it so the customer who fills the form is taken to another website or page on your site once the form is finished.

4. Once the form is created and saved. Click on the 'Copy to Clipboard' button on the bottom.

Here are some guides for common website builders:

Square Space:

The first step is to add a new box/section to desired are of your website. This box must be a "Code" box/section.

Once the code box opens, use it to paste in the code you obtained from Stampede.

The end result should look like this, depending on the questions you chose when creating the form.


Add in a new section to your website and select HTML.

Next up, paste the code on the "Custom Code" box on the right side of the screen. Your end result should like the preview of the image below.

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