Your customer CRM number will reflect the total amount of individual signups to your stampede platform. Database uploading will allow you to add all your GDPR compliant data from other sources to stampede.

1. To get started, log in to your account on

2. Once logged in, using your left navigation bar, go to "Data sources".

3. Once in the data source menu, choose "CSV import" and choose your desired file, this must be in .csv format.

4. After uploading, you must make sure all fields are covering the correct column of your spreadsheet. The options are:

- Email

- First Name

- Last Name

- Date of Birth

- Phone Number

- Creation/Joined date: A standard date format what will include when the user added their records to your database.

5. You'll get a success message confirming the number of records added to your database.

Viewing your database
1. To view your new records, go to the "Customers" section on the left side navigation bar.

2. Once in this section you'll be able to go through your full database including the records that you upload by CSV.

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