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How to upload CSV data into Stampede

Written by Rory Rorison
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Our .csv uploader has recently gotten a new UI overhaul! as of July 2023 our uploader now has several new features.

Database uploading will allow you to add all your GDPR-compliant data from other sources to Stampede. Stampede does not duplicate data, so if you are updating customer information there will be no duplicates!

When uploading CSVs, you can tag these data sets from the upload process, to help you instantly create a marketing or reporting segment, for example, if you recently ran a contest and had data for all the winners when uploading you could tag the data "Contest Winners 2023", to quickly access this in other areas!

Uploading a CSV:

  1. Select Marketing, on the left-hand side.

  2. This will bring you to the marketing page, under the Data row select Upload.

  3. Drag and drop or upload the file you wish to import (as seen below). Note: This must be in .csv format.

    Below the uploader, you will also see a log of all files uploaded and details related the upload.

  4. After uploading, within the customer attributes section, you must make sure all fields are covering the correct column of your spreadsheet. These are dynamically generated depending on the data type.

    The upload manager will detect the headers and assign the assumed correct values, this will be from one of the records, double-check this to ensure each record will be assigned the correct data type. Note: If you wish to not include a certain data type or don't have one available you can select ignore.

  5. Then select the Stampede attributes for the purpose of your data:

    • Data Source (Appropriate source of data, for example, if taken from a bookings list choose "Booking" or transactions choose "Online order". For general database import choose "Import")

    • Venue (The venue to add this data too)

    • Tags (Automatically apply marketing segment tags to this data)

  6. Once complete you'll see how many customers will be uploaded at the bottom left. Hit Upload and you'll have uploaded this data!

Viewing your database:

  1. Select Reports on the left-hand side.

  2. Under the Customers section, select Interactions

  3. Once in this section, you'll be able to go through your full database including the records that you upload by CSV, which will appear first as most recent entries are displayed at the top.

  4. In this view you can also filter by data source, to further refine your database searching.

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