Adding Team Members and Giving Access

How to create a team and give the correct access to other members of your team.

Written by Adam Wilson
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In the Stampede system, there are five distinct user types, each granted specific levels of control and access. By limiting user control, individuals can efficiently perform their tasks without needing full access to all areas of the Stampede product. This approach proves particularly beneficial when managing multiple teams within the product.

Admin - Has access to all features of the account.

Moderator - Has access to all features of specific venues (apart from Billing); and is able to view, create, and edit the reports, schedule, export data and manage integrations. If it's a paid network, they can manage this too.

​Marketeer - Access to the location (as Reports user) plus access to the Marketing Automation feature where they can create and edit campaigns and importantly, track the results.

Booking - Access to the bookings page only. Can create, delete, and modify bookings.

To set up your team, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to and go to the bottom left to open your account, once in your account settings select "Team".

2. Here you can see all the team members and their roles. To add new team members click on the "Add teammate" field and enter their email.

3. Fill out the fields as shown, you can set the role and which venues they can access here.

Once you are done click "Invite Product User" This will send them an email to invite them to join. You will also receive an email once you've seen they have accepted the Invite to inform you that they are now joined as part of the team.

4. By default each team member added will be granted an admin role and access to all venues. Select "Actions" on the right-hand side to adjust role, and venue access or to remove them.

4. Your team member should now be set up, make sure to share with them their new password. Here's a guide on how to change it:

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