Reinforce your brand whilst giving your customers a beautiful login experience! First of all, Select the location you wish to do the branding for then select Login Design.

The preview on the right will update as you make changes to let you see what you are creating.

1. Head over to 'venues' on the left hand side.

2. Upload your company logo by clicking “Add logo”. Then to choose your logo, either drag and drop or click to select from your computer. If the image is too big, tick the box that says ‘My logo is too big’!

3. Repeat for your background image (a nice shot of your venue perhaps).

4. Now to select your background colours use the pallet selector (on the left) and 3 preset colours. Repeat for logo and background.

5. The last few options let you choose rounded or square corners, light or dark themes and the colour of your login button.

6. In the case you want to use CSS to create a custom splash screen. If you can’t code CSS but are interested in what you can do here, please contact us.

7. Hit Save and you are done! This will be now live on your guest network.

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