1. Select capture within the menu on the left hand side.

2. On the first visible option, you will be able to select the questions you would like to ask your customers through a drop-down.

3. After selecting your questions, you will have the option to turn on "E-Mail Validation". This is the automated service that sends out an email to all of your customers once they've logged in for the first time. It's a great way to have a double-check on emails, but our service does this automatically once the email is sent.

4. The next thing to consider is Facebook login. The benefit is that customers might find it easier to log in to their Facebook to get to the Wi-Fi. What will happen is that we scrape Facebook for any data that they have made public, if any field is not covered by Facebook the customer will be prompted to answer any outstanding questions before login.

To get Facebook login setup, you will ned to get your Facebook ID. This can be Obtained here: https://findmyfbid.com/

5. The next thing to consider is using "Apple Login". Users with an Apple device can login through the WiFi by using their Apple ID.

If the user decides to hide their email you may see in the dashboard with some emails ending in "@privaterelay.appleid.com". You will still be able to contact these customers as this will just forward to their verified Apple ID email.

6. The last option is adding a custom question. To add answers and questions, all you need to do is hit the plus signs accordingly.

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