Name and Landing Page

Name of your site and where guests will land after they login to your WiFi

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This is where you:

  • Name your location (for your purposes, what customers see is the SSID) This only applies to Mikrotik Sites.

  • Set a landing URL (the first page that customers see once online; we’d suggest your business website, Facebook page etc.)

  • Type of Network; Free, Paid or Hybrid (Venue Type)

  • Choose a default language of your splash page

  1. Select WiFi on the left-hand side and select your venue.

  2. Under the setting section, select Venue Settings.

  3. Input the details you would like. This includes the Landing URL, address and venue type.

  4. To enable and change the default language of the splash page, head over to the Translation section. You will have the opportunity to toggle on the translation feature and select the language.

  5. Once happy with the setup, click save at the bottom of the page.

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