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Setting up a Paid or Hybrid Network
Setting up a Paid or Hybrid Network

How to setup a paid or hybrid network.

Written by Rory Rorison
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You may want to charge for access to your WiFi network or, operate on the basis of free for “X” amount of time, and then paid thereafter.

1. Select "WiFi" from the left-hand side of the screen and select your venue. Then go into "Settings"

2. Under the "Splash Screen" section, you will find 3 options for Wifi. Free, paid and hybrid.

Free - Free access to the network

Paid - Fully paid for access to the network

Hybrid Free for a limited amount of data usage, paid thereafter

3. Head over to "Payments" on the left hand side.

4. This will take you to the payment setup menu, where you can create payment plans and establish where your payments are going to be received through.

5. Click on the “Add Plan” button to create new plans for your customers.

6. A new window will open where you can change the specifics of the plan, such as duration and cost.

Fill in the details

  • Plan Name - We’d recommend naming it the duration of the plan

  • Duration - Set in hours

  • Price - ex VAT

  • Devices Allowance - How many individual devices someone can have as part of the plan i.e. 3 would mean that one customer can have two phones and one tablet.

You can set it to pay for as little as 1 hour right up to several years! Here are some handy figures:

  • 1 week = 168 hours

  • 1 month = 730 hours

  • 1 year = 8760 hours

Editing existing plans

If you want to edit or remove a plan, click on the plan name (highlighted in blue) then you’ll be able to edit it as desired:


1. When choosing what type (Free, Paid or Hybrid) of

Network in the “Setup” tab, choose “Hybrid”.

2. Two new speed and session time bars will appear. With these, you can edit how long and how fast the temporary free network will be.

3. Proceed as Payment Setup above to create your plans.

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