Creating a Zap

Create the link between Stampede and Zapier app library

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1. Log into your Zapier account.

2. You’ll be greeted with a "Create this Zap" button in a new tab where you can login to Zapier.

3. Choose what event you want to cause the trigger and select "Continue". In this step you will also choose Stampede as a the first app.

4. The next step will involve you logging in to your Stampede account in a separate tab that will open once you click on "Add new account".

5. Now, use the drop-down presented to pick your location.

6. You’ll now be asked to test this step. You can say yes to this or skip the test.

7. Find Data: This step is basically a test to see if you can pull through the data you need. It will give you a preview similar to the one below where you can see things like email, phone names, etc.

8. Choose the App you want to fire the data to: Now, choose the app you want to push to (over 750 available!) in the search bar. The example here is Constant Contact.

9. Select the action you want to be performed and hit "Save + Continue".

10. Now you have to connect the action account (Constant Contact in this example). Click the "Connect/Edit an Account" button.

This will open a new window for you to input your login details for the action app.
Put these in, then go back to Zapier and select ‘Save + Continue’.

11. Now it’s going to ask you to fill in particulars of what you want to happen. Here's where you map out all the boxes with their contact details. I.E: Email - to a customer email.

Choose what you want and hit ‘Continue’.

12. It will now want to test the Zap. Hit "Create & Continue".

13. It will come back as test successful! Hit "Finish". You can test and review with the buttons below.

Now, switch it on!

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