Setup Guide Ruckus (SmartZone)

How to setup Ruckus (SmartZone)

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1. Log in to your SmartZone manager and navigate to the ‘Configuration’ > ‘AP Zones’ tab. Then select the zone you’d like to operate the guest network on.

2. Next, head to the ‘Hotspot WISPr’ section.

3. Create a new WISPr portal and name it anything you like. Now, set the logon URL to external and copy in this link:

4. Select ‘Redirect to the following URL’ for the start page and paste in:

5. Add the following list of domains to the walled garden section at the bottom:

6. Now, navigate to the ‘WLAN’ tab. Either create a new WLAN or choose the existing one where you’d like to operate the guest network.

7. Copy the settings below, ensuring that authentication type is set to WISPr, authentication method is set to open and encryption method is set to none.

8. choose the WISPr hotspot you just created as the hotspot WISPr portal.

Check ‘use the controller as proxy’ for both the options below. Choose ‘BLACKBX’ for the first one and ‘BLACKBX ACC’ for the second. Make sure to leave ‘Bypass CNA’ unchecked.

9. You're all done!

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