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Setting up your TP-Link + Stampede Network
Setting up your TP-Link + Stampede Network

How to setup TP-Link & Stampede

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  1. To get started, sign into your Omada controller.

  2. Select the site on the top right that you want to apply the Stampede integration.

  3. Click on settings on the bottom left and then navigate to ‘Authentication’ > ‘RADIUS Profile’

  4. Once in the RADIUS Profile section, click on ‘Create New RADIUS Profile’. Enter the following information to create a Stampede radius profile:

    Name: Stampede

    Authentication Server IP:

    Authentication Port: 1812

    Authentication Password: bxsecret

    RADIUS Accounting: Enabled

    Interim Update: Enabled

    Interim Update Interval: 600

    Accounting Server IP:

    Accounting Port: 1813

    Account Password: bxsecret

    Once added, click on ‘Save’

  5. Navigate to ‘Wireless Networks’ and create a guest network. If you already have a guest network, you can skip this step. Click on ‘Create New Wireless Network’ and enter the following information:

    Network Name (SSID): Guest Network (Note: This can be anything you choose)

    Guest Network: Enabled

    Security: None

  6. Navigate to ‘Authentication’ > ‘Portal’. Within this section, click on ‘Create New Portal’ and add the following information:

    Portal Name: Stampede Portal

    Portal: Enabled

    SSID & Network: Select the guest network

    Authentication Type: External RADIUS Server

    Authentication Timeout: 8 Hours

    RADIUS Profile: Stampede

    NAS ID: TP-Link

    Disconnect Requests: Disabled

    Authentication Mode: CHAP

    Portal Customization: External Web Portal -*SERIAL*

    Landing Page: The Original URL

    Once applied, click on ‘Apply’.

  7. Within ‘Authentication’ > ‘Portal’, click on ‘Access Control’ on the top of the page.

  8. Within the Access Control page, enable ‘Pre-Authentication Access’ and click on the plus sign on the right-hand side.

  9. A pop up should appear, click on ‘IP Range’ and select URL. You will need to do this for each URL that needs to be added to the Pre-Authentication Access. The following URLs are as follows:

  10. Once added, click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Apply’. You have now successfully added the Stampede integration to Omada TP-Link. Connect to the guest network and try it out.

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