1. To get started go to: https://omada.tplinkcloud.com/login# and login to your preferred user.

2. Choose your controller by clicking "Launch". For more info on how to setup your TP-Link Omada controller, please visit: https://www.tp-link.com/us/configuration-guides/quick_start_guide_for_omada_controller/

3. Click on "Settings" at your top right corner and select "Wireless Control" > "Portal".

4. On the tab you've just opened go to "Add a New Portal". From there, your captive portal settings will be displayed. Input the information you see below, replace the serial number and site name. (Please click on this guide for information on how to find your serial: https://get.stampede.help/portal/kb/articles/locating-your-network-serial-number)

  • SSID: Will define the name of your WiFi.

  • Authentication Timeout: Will define how long people will remain connected without having to see the portal again.

  • On the field of "Accounting Server Password", write "bxsecret".

  • On "EXTERNAL PORTAL URL": https://nearly.online/tplink/YOUR-SERIAL

  • On "Redirect URL": https://nearly.online/landing/SERIAL

Radius Server:


Port: 1812

Password: bxsecret

Accounting Server:


Port: 1813

Password: bxsecret

5. After completing the above, hit save and go to "Free Authentication Policy" click on the "Add" and fill in the details. Lastly hit "Apply".

IP Address:

Mask: 32

Match Mode: IP-Mac based

6. Once the configuration is done on Omada, it's time to make sure your Stampede site is connected properly. Test the network by connecting to the desired SSID in the case above this is Stampede // TP Link.

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