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Setting up Your Ruckus Integration (unleashed)
Setting up Your Ruckus Integration (unleashed)

How to setup your Ruckus unleashed integration.

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1. Log in to the interface of your Ruckus device and select 'admin services' by clicking the drop down arrow

2. Go to 'services' → 'AAA Servers' the hit 'create new'

3. Input settings exactly as below, then click 'ok'

Feel free to copy and paste the below:

First Server:

Name: Stampede

Type: Radius

Auth Method: PAP

Backup Radius: Enabled

IP Address:

Port: 1812

Secrets: bxsecret

Second Server:

IP Address:

Port: 1812

Secret: bxsecret

4. Go back to 'admin services' and select 'hotspot services'.

5. Under general settings tab, ensure the settings are as below:

When setting the 'redirect to the following url' option, paste this:*serial*

*serial* is the unique serial number assigned to your location within the connect portal. Here's how to find it.

Name: Stampede

Login Page:

Redirect to the following url:*serial*

6. Under 'authentication' tab, set the 'authentication server' as Stampede, and for 'Location ID' paste your unique serial number (as per step 5)

7. Under 'Walled Garden' tab, simply add '' and click 'ok'

8. Go to the 'Wifi Networks' tab, and create a new network. Give it a suitable name/ssid and make sure to set 'Stampede' as the hotspot service.

Stampede should now be set up on Ruckus!

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