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Setting Up Your Cisco Meraki Integration
Setting Up Your Cisco Meraki Integration

How to setup your Cisco Meraki Integration

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1. Head over to your Meraki controller and navigate to the SSID you just selected. This can be found under wireless > configure > SSIDs.

2. Set Association requirements to Open (no encryption).

3. Set splash page to Sign-on with my RADIUS server.

4. Enable radius accounting and copy the details below. The server secret is ‘bxsecret’.

5. Enable walled garden and copy in the following list.

6. Navigate to ‘Splash page’ back on the wireless > configure > SSIDs tab. Set the custom splash URL to:

You’re done! The SSID you just configured will now be broadcasting a Stampede guest network.

Please note that some features such as radius accounting and walled garden are disabled without contacting Cisco to enable them. If you don't see something within the Meraki dashboard that's in this guide, just contact us on live chat or email us at:

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