Setting up Your Draytek Integration

How to set up on a Draytek Vigor router/firewall

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  1. Log in to your Draytek router and navigate to Hotspot Web Portal > Profile Setup. Click an available index to create the profile.

  2. Firstly enable the profile with the check box. Apply the following settings:

    Portal Method: External Portal Server

    Mac Address Format: "AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF"

    RADIUS NAS-Identifier: *serial*

  3. Enable both external RADIUS and Accounting. Apply the following settings:

    Primary Server:

    Secret: bxsecret

    Secondary Server:

    Secret: bxsecret

    All other settings are left as standard.

  4. Next, head to the Hotspot Web Portal > Profile Setup > Whitelist Setting section. Under ,Dest Domain, add the following domains:

  5. Finally, go to the Web Portal > Profile Setup > More Options section. Apply here:

    HTTPS Redirection: disabled

    Captive Portal Detection: enable

    Landing Page After Authentication: Fixed URL:*serial*

    Finally, apply these settings to the subnet or SSID you'd like to broadcast our service from.

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