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Setting up your Aruba Instant-on Integration

How to set up Stampede on existing Aruba Instant-on hardawre

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  1. To get started, head to your Aruba Instant-on management dashboard. All APs you'd like to use with the Stampede network must be adopted here.

2. Go to the networks tab and select the network you'd like to set up our service on. Give it a name of your choice and set the security to 'Portal'. Save and 'Customize guest portal' will appear.

3. Go to the 'Customize guest portal' screen and copy the following settings:

Type: External

Allowed domains: Facebook = on

Primary radius server:

Secondary radius server:

Shared secret (for both servers): bxsecret

NAS Identifier: your unique serial number used above

All other settings can be left to the defaults. It should look like this:

4. Be sure to hit apply settings and you're finished! All other settings on the network can be set to your preference.

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