Setting up Meraki Go

Easily add your Stampede portal to your Meraki Go WiFi

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1. Start by opening the Meraki Go app on your phone to start the setup.

2. Go to the Settings button at the bottom and then choose WiFi network, in this case, called STMPD Meraki Go. Make sure the guest WiFi you're looking to configure has "Guest network" ticked.

3. Up next, within the SSID/Network settings choose the landing page option. Select externally hosted.

Apply these settings and make sure to hit save:

4. Make sure that the WiFi network settings have this configuration:

  • Active - Enabled

  • Guest Network - Enabled

  • Discoverable - Enabled

5. You’re done! The SSID you just configured will now be broadcasting a Stampede guest network.

If you get stuck at any stage feel free to reach out to the support team!

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