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Limitations of Free Email Addresses
Limitations of Free Email Addresses

Limitations of using Free Email Addresses for Marketing Emails

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Your From email address is the address you use to send email to your contacts. When contacts receive your emails, the From email address helps to identify you as the sender. If you choose to use a free email service provider (ESP) like Yahoo or AOL for your From email address, there are some limitations you should be aware of.

In this article, you'll learn about the limitations of free email addresses, DMARC, and solutions to get your marketing emails to your subscribers with Stampede.

What are the issues with free email?

The primary limitation of an email address from a free service provider is that you don’t own the domain. This keeps you from having control over that domain's delivery policies.

Here’s what this means for you.

  • Free email addresses can’t be added to your verified email domains in Stampede.

  • Free email address services have policies in place that are meant to prevent email scams but can cause delivery issues for legitimate marketers.

  • Free email addresses are not compatible with Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). BIMI adds extra verification and allows you to prominently display your logo in your recipients’ inboxes.

About free email and DMARC

To better understand the problem with free email domains and delivery, it helps to know about DMARC, or Domain Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance.

DMARC is basically a validation system for incoming email. It checks that the domain of the From email address matches the domain the message is actually being sent through. If the domains don’t match, the email fails the DMARC check.

DMARC policies also tell receiving servers how to handle email that appears to come from a domain, but has failed the DMARC check. Free email domains often have policies that tell these receiving servers to immediately reject mail that fails DMARC.

The intention of these strict policies is to prevent email scams, but it can also affect the delivery of legitimate marketing content sent through bulk email services like Stampede.

What are the solutions?

We encourage you to consider purchasing a domain or using a domain you already own to avoid issues with DMARC policies. But if you want to continue to use a free domain for email marketing in Stampede, we have a built-in way to help improve your delivery rates.

Purchase a domain

Purchase a domain to use for your business and marketing email. You can use your purchased domain with your emails, landing pages, and website in Stampede. This helps make your entire online presence more recognizable to your audience and may improve delivery of your email campaigns.

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