How to Setup Cambium-XMS Integration

setup stampede on existing Cambium hardware managed through the Xirrus management system.

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  1. Login to your Cambium-XMS portal. Head over to profiles on the top of the page and click on the venue you would like to apply the captive portal to.

  2. Click on “access points”

  3. Find the SSID you would like to apply the Stampede captive portal to then click on “configure” under the access control tab.

  4. Click on “basic login page” and ensure that “host on Xirrus access points” is disabled. Once this has been selected, click “next”.

  5. Once you have clicked on next, you will be prompted with the captive portal configuration.

  6. Head over to your venue settings within Stampede, this can be located within venue > settings. At the bottom of the page, you will have the captive portal configuration which will need to be copied into Cambium-XMS. Click on the copy icon for Splash URL and head back to the Cambium-XMS portal and paste the splash URL within “External Login Page URL”.

  7. Whilst here set a splash page secret and also copy this to the "redirect secret' fields within XMS.

  8. Back in XMS, copy the following settings into the "RADIUS Authentication" section:

    Authentication type: CHAP

    Primary Host:

    Port: 1812

    Secret: bxsecret

    Accounting: Yes

    Add secondary Radius Server: Yes

    Secondary Host:

    Port: 1812

    Secret: bxsecret

  9. Set Landing page to "original URL"

  10. Hit "Save & Finish' and the Stampede service will now be applied to this SSID.

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