Custom Segments

How to create custom segments in Stampede.

Written by Rory Rorison
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Custom segments allow you to create tailored campaigns for your venue based on customer data.

  1. Go to "Marketing" on the left-hand side. From there under "Data" on the column to the left select "Segments". This will show you all your created segments.

  2. Select the upside-down caret (^) symbol on the top right-hand side, you will then have the option to create a segment from scratch or a segment idea.

Segment Idea

  1. Once you have clicked on “From ideas”, you will be prompted to a catalog of different segment ideas you can choose from.

  2. To fetch the number of contacts you will be able to reach per segment, click on the calculator icon just above the plus symbol.

  3. When you have found your ideal segment, click on the plus sign to add it to your segment list.

Build from scratch

  1. Once you have clicked on “From scratch”, you will be prompted with a segment builder.

  2. You will have the option to add a new field or a new condition. Click on one of these buttons and when clicking the edit icon to the right you can change the value.

    A new field can be criteria like “Birthday = Tomorrow” or “Collected more than 10 loyalty stamps”

    A condition is a set condition that is either “Or/And”. If the condition is “Or”, this means either of the fields that match those criteria will be eligible for a marketing campaign. If the condition is “And” this means that they must match all the criteria to be eligible for a marketing campaign.

  3. Once you have created your custom segment, click on “Create & Save” at the bottom of your page.

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