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Setting up Your Zyxel Nebula Integration

How to setup a Stampede guest network on your existing Zyxel Nebula hardware

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  1. Login to your Nebula dashboard and navigate to the 'SSID settings' section.

  2. Make sure to select the correct SSID from the dropdown that guests will be using.

  3. Set 'Security options' to open

  4. Set 'sign-in method' to sign on with my RADIUS server.

  5. Copy the following details for the RADIUS servers.

    Server 1:

    Port: 1812

    Secret: bxsecret

    Server 2:

    Port: 1812

    Secret: bxsecret

  6. If RADIUS accounting is available on your plan enable this and use the same details with port 1813

  7. Enable walled garden and add the following list of domains:

  8. Save these settings then head to the 'Captive portal customization' section.

  9. Turn on use external URL and add the following captive portal URL:

  10. Finally, choose the original captive portal URL.

  11. Save these settings and the Stampede guest login service will be live on your SSID.

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