Setting up Your Aerohive Integration

How to setup Stampede service on existing Aerohive APs managed through Extreme Cloud IQ

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  1. Navigate to configure > network policies and select the guest network.

  2. Set the security type to open

  3. Enable captive web portal and choose 'User Auth on Captive Web Portal'

  4. Set the authentication type to 'redirect to external URL'.

  5. Add a new captive portal profile and copy the following details:

    Name: Stampede

    Password Encryption: UAM Basic

    Authentication Method: PAP

    Success page and failure page off

    Walled Garden:

  6. Add a default RADIUS server group and copy the following:

    Name: Stampede

    IP/Host name:

    Authentication: enabled with port 1812

    Accounting: enabled with port 1813

    Shared Secret: bxsecret

  7. All other settings can be left as preferred. Save this and the selected SSID will begin redirecting to your Stampede login screen.

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