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How to Enable Notifications
How to Enable Notifications

How to enable notifications for your venues within the Stampede Insight app.

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Within the Stampede app, you are able to set up notifications for your venue, this can include daily insights into how busy the venue is. Below is a guide on how to set up those notifications.

1. Launch and sign into the Stampede Insight app.

2. Press on 'Menu' at the bottom left.

3. Press on 'Account' > 'Notifications'.

4. From here, you will be prompted with all the notifications you can enable. These are the kind of notifications you can enable:

Daily - Get daily insights for your venues

Weekly - Get weekly insights for your venues

Fortnightly - Get fortnightly insights for your venues

Monthly - Get monthly insights for your venues

Bi-Monthly - Get bi-monthly insights for your venues

Online - When a venue's WiFi gets back online

Offline - When a venue's WiFi goes offline

Connected - When a customer connects

Registration - When a customer registers

Validation - When a customer validates their email

Payment made - When a customer makes a payment on the WiFi

Received - When a customer leaves a review for your venue

Gift Card - When a customer buys a gift card for your venue

Campaign - When a campaign gets updated or created

Error - When there is an issue with your billing

Invoice Ready - When an invoice is ready to be viewed

Card Expiring - When your card is about to get expired

Approved - When a feature gets approved by the team

Completed - When a feature gets completed by the team.

To enable notification, click on the toggle on the right-hand side of the notification you would like to enable.

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