Within Stampede, you can create manual gift cards. This allows you to give complimentary gift cards to customers that may have had a bad experience or you may have a prize draw for customers to receive a gift card from the business. Below is a guide on how to achieve that within Stampede.

1. Navigate to 'Growth' > 'Activations'

2. Click on the plus button on the top right.

3. From here, a pop up will appear to enter the information of the gift card. Select the gift card to send from and then enter the customer's email, first name, last name and the amount on the gift card. Don't forget to choose the correct gift card if you have multiple gift cards on your account.

4. Once you have entered the information, click on "Save". This will then send the customer a gift card to their email with the amount that you entered.

5. From there you should see a manual card you recently created within your activations page.

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