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How to link up your storekit integration
How to link up your storekit integration

How to get order data from Storekit into Stampede

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Get all of your order data from storekit into Stampede with a few simple steps. By doing this you can start to market to your customers and see an accurate report of your ROI with marketing campaigns.

1. Within the Stampede dashboard, click on account > integrations

2. Click on 'Add Integration' for storekit.

3. A pop up will appear of all your sync links, click on 'Create new sync link' to create a new one.

4. Select a site to sync any data that is generated within store kit. Once selected, click on 'create'.

5. You should see a new generated sync link, click on the storekit link to copy it to your clipboard.

6. Sign in to your storekit dashboard. Once signed in, click on stores.

7. Find the store you would like to integrate with and then click on 'Store Settings'.

8. Within the integrations section, click on 'Stampede'.

9. Paste the link that you generated within the Stampede dashboard and click on save.

10. Once you have saved the integration you are done! Any data that is collected through storekit will appear within the Transaction tab in Stampede. You can see this tab within customers > transactions.

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