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Access Group Integration

Sync booking data to Stampede from Access Group (DesignMyNight/Collins)

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  1. Begin by access the stampede product, at the bottom left icon, click the profile icon, then 'Integration'

  2. Click on the "Add Integration" button next to Access Group

  3. You will be prompted with a pop up to enter your account details. Enter the details that you use to sign in to Access Group. Once entered, click on save.

    **You will need to have download permissions within Access Group. You can check this by heading to the customer tab within Access Group and being able to export/download data. If you are unable to download this data, contact your administrator to allow you access**

  4. Once you have clicked save, you will be prompted with venue mapping. Map your Access Group venues to your Stampede venues and click on save. Once saved, you have completed the Access Group Integration. You should see booking data go into Stampede.

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