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How To Create a Voucher For Marketing Campaigns
How To Create a Voucher For Marketing Campaigns

How to create a one time voucher for your marketing campaigns.

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

Adding a voucher for a marketing campaign is as simple adding a QR code and unique code to your email marketing campaign. The steps below show you how to achieve this.

  1. Select Marketing on the left-hand side.

  2. Then select Email.

  3. To create your marketing campaign, click on the plus sign on the top right.

  4. Once you have done that, click on an existing template to create your campaign. If you haven’t created a template, please follow this guide to create a template. Create a campaign name and enter the email subject for your marketing campaign.

    Then at the bottom of the popup, select Enable Vouchers and from the drop-down menu choose your voucher code.

  5. Once happy with the initial setup hit Create.

  6. Select a segment that you would like to send your marketing campaign for. If you haven’t created your custom segment, please look over this guide to set one up. If you would like the campaign to trigger on an automated basis when customers meet these criteria, turn the automation switch on.

  7. Enter a spend per head amount.

    Spend-per-head is calculated using WiFi returns to your physical venue. So if you place in £20, when a customer comes back; you will see an addition of £20 to your campaign return estimate.

    Once you have entered a spend per head amount click on Continue.

  8. Complete your marketing template and click on the section you would like to add the voucher QR code. Please bear in mind that this needs to be a text box.

  9. Once you have clicked on the section, click on the "Merge Tags" button on the bottom right.

  10. A drop-down will appear for the voucher code merge tag.

    Voucher Code: This is the automatically generated code that is unique to every email, this will look like a bunch of characters that the server can use to redeem the voucher.

    Voucher QR Image (Recommended): This is the same as the voucher code but it is compressed into a single QR code. We do recommend this over just plain text as this reduces the likelihood of the code being entered incorrectly.

    For good practice, it is recommended to have both just in case the QR code can’t be scanned by the server. Below is an example of what this will look like.

  11. Once you have fully completed your campaign, you can send yourself a preview to see how this will look. Do keep in mind that the QR code will not appear as this is only a preview and not a live email. Once you are happy, click on Continue.

  12. Within the preview screen, confirm you are happy with the campaign and click on Continue.

  13. Choose when you would like to send your campaign.

    Send Now: This will send your campaign to your segment immediately

    Send Later: Choose when to send your campaign to your segment.

    Once you have chosen an option, click on ‘Send!’

  14. You have now created a marketing campaign that contains unique voucher codes. Click here to see how you can redeem customer vouchers.

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