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Viewing the bookings main menu
Viewing the bookings main menu

Understanding the main menu.

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The menu for our bookings is a powerful hub to suit all your needs, allowing you to quickly add bookings, change settings and view features before you click.

  1. Select Venues on the left-hand side, and select your venue

  2. Click on the Bookings icon. You will be presented with the bookings home page.


  1. Your logo.

  2. The current date.

  3. Covers for the day.

    Note: If you click on the covers for the day, you will get a break down of their origin

  4. Create a booking for the day.

  5. The booking Inbox - Gives you a quick way to access any messages related to your bookings.

  6. The search function - Allows you to search for bookings using the customer's name.

  7. The change log - A list of all changes to every booking for that venue, with a search function.
    ​How to view your bookings:

  8. Day planner - A real-time view of bookings.

  9. List view - The run-sheet for today's bookings.


  10. Tables - Configure your tables

  11. Areas - Create areas to manage your sections

  12. Combinations - Create table combinations to seat larger bookings

    Dates & Spaces:

  13. Special Dates - Special dates with different settings to your normal operating settings.

  14. Booking Types - Types of bookings with different settings to your normal bookings.


  15. Links - Lets to create custom links for specific book types.

  16. Design - The page for designing your booking widget.

  17. Configuration - Contains the general configuration for most of the booking system.


  18. Reserve (Coming Soon) - Soon to be released! Google reserve, which allows customers to book directly onto the stampede system through google.

  19. Reporting (Coming Soon) - Soon to be released! Allows you in-depth analysis of your bookings.

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