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How To Access Marketing Campaign Revisions
How To Access Marketing Campaign Revisions

How to access previous marketing campaign revisions within Stampede.

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

When creating your marketing campaign template, you may decide that a previous design is better and wish to rollback. Each time you save a template a copy is made keeping previous versions until the campaign is sent. Please note that once a campaign has been sent, template revisions cannot be accessed as they have been sent to customers already.
To access a campaign's previous version:

  1. Select "Marketing" from the left-hand side.

  2. Select "Email Campaigns" from under the "Campaigns" column on the left-hand side. Locate the campaign you'd like to see previous revisions for. You can select sort by draft at the top right to view all applicable campaigns.

  3. Click on the revision button on the right-hand side of your campaign.

  4. A page will appear with a preview of your campaign on the right-hand side. Select a different revision on the left-hand side, this will update your campaign.

  5. Once you have found the campaign you'd like to roll back to, click on 'Use Revision' on the top right.

  6. You've now roll-backed your campaign.

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