Setting up Stampede on PfSense

How to get Stampede up and running within PfSense

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  1. Sign into your PFSense router.

  2. Navigate to System > User Manager > Authentication Server

  3. Click on ‘Add’ and enter the following information.

    Descriptive name: Stampede

    Type: RADIUS

    Protocol: PAP


    Shared Secret: bxsecret

    Services offered: Authentication and Accounting

    Authentication Port: 1812

    Accounting Port: 1813

    Authentication Timeout: 5

    RADIUS NAS IP Attribute: Select the interface that you want the captive portal to refer to.

    Once applied, click on ‘Save’.

  4. Navigate to services > captive portal

  5. Click on ‘Add’ and enter the following information:

    Zone Name: (SERIAL)

    Zone Description: Stampede

    You can retrieve your serial number within the venue section within the Stampede dashboard.

    Once added, click on ‘Save & Continue’

  6. Click ‘Enable Captive Portal’ and enter the following information:

    Interface: Select the interface you'd like the captive portal to be active on.

    Pre-authentication redirect URL:

    Preserve users database: Enabled

    Concurrent user logins: Multiple

    Use custom captive portal page: Enabled

  7. HTML Page Contents

    Download the login page here:

    Once downloaded, upload the portal to the ‘Portal page contents’ section.

  8. Enter the following information within the ‘Authentication’ section.

    Authentication Method: Use an Authentication backend

    Authentication Server: Stampede (This is what you created within step 3)

    Secondary Authentication Server: Stampede

    NAS Identifier: (SERIAL)

  9. Enter the following information within the ‘Accounting’ section:

    RADIUS: Enable

    Accounting Server: Stampede

    Send account updates: Interim

  10. Once you’ve applied those settings, click on ‘Save’. You’ve now successfully applied Stampede within

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