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Setting up Bookings
How to Setup Your Bookings Page
How to Setup Your Bookings Page

How to setup your Stampede bookings page.

Written by Rory Rorison
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Setting up your bookings page is a simple process, packed with loads of features to ensure you can configure bookings to your liking. To help understand the bookings page see Viewing the bookings main menu.

  1. Select Bookings from the left-hand side, then choose your venue.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the bookings page and select Configuration.

  3. Here you can access all the configurations for setting up bookings for your venue. See below for all the options available. Fill in the appropriate details for your bookings page then hit save.

    Bookings: Managing the number of your bookings. Here you can set your min/max party sizes along with what you would classify as a big booking. Additionally, you change booking modifications on your guests' side, allow same-day bookings and a start time buffer which allows you to specify what times are available around their chosen booking time.

    Payments: Here you can add a cancellation charge for bookings, with options to choose the time they have until they aren't charged, and if you would like make this applicable to a certain size party. Note: This requires a Stripe account.

    Booking Timings: Allow you to configure the flow of your bookings.

    Default Duration Of A Booking: This is the default length of a booking. You can either set this to hours or minutes. This number will be the average time someone spends within the venue.

    Time Interval Between Online Bookings: This is the cooldown you have between bookings, this is usually done to clear the table and get it ready for the next customer.

    Last Available Booking Time: This is the length of time before your venue's closing time. This is to prevent any bookings from happening till the venue closes and gives an opportunity for staff members to do their shutdown procedure like cleaning and moving stock away.

    How Far In Advance To Accept Online Bookings: This allows you to control how far in advance a customer can make a booking for the venue. This can be used to control events that may be booked in advance which requires the venue to be closed on that day.

    Messages: Allows you to create custom messages for large bookings, same-day bookings, and for marketing.

    Venue: Setting up main venue details for communicating with your guests, configuring your capacity, and the ability to send reminder emails for bookings.

    Venue Name: This is the venue name that you're setting up on your bookings page.

    Venue Capacity: This is the maximum capacity your venue can accommodate.

    Send Email From: Select the email address you would like email confirmations to be sent. If you don’t see your email address listed, you’ll need to set that up within Stampede. You can do that here or by clicking on the plus sign on the right-hand side of the box.

    SMS Sender Name: Select an SMS sender you would like SMS booking reminders. If you don’t see your SMS sender, you can create a new one

    Brand Colour: This is the colour of your brand.

    Opening Hours: Configure your hours of operation.

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