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How to change the status of a booking
How to change the status of a booking

How to change the status of a booking within Stampede.

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

Booking statuses allow you to manage how a customer's booking is flowing during service. This allows you to quickly see who's seated, finished, expected and more.

Each status type, colour codes the booking block allowing you at a glance to see their status.

Note: Cancelling a booking will remove the booking from the day planner, you can still view this via the list view but cannot be restored.

There are 3 different views that your front-of-house will use, see How to view your bookings.

Day planner: Click the status symbol at the right of the booking and selected their new status.

List view: Select a booking from the column on the left, these are already automatically segmented into their statuses. Once you have selected a booking, click the action button at the top right and change the status.

Floor and Calander view: You cannot change the status of a booking via these views yet.

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