What is a booking-only user? This is a user that has only access to the bookings section within Stampede. This is perfect for staff members that work at front of house and require a Stampede account to view/make bookings.

  1. Login to Stampede and click on the 3 dots in the bottom left corner. Once clicked, click on 'Account'

  2. Navigate to 'People' on the left-hand side.

  3. You can add a new person by clicking under 'Add person by email'. You should see a pop-up appear to add a new person to your account.

  4. Enter the details of the person you're looking to add and then click 'Create User'.

  5. Once submitted, you should see the new account you've just recently created. Click on 'Actions' > 'Change Role' > 'Booking' to the account that you would like to set as a booking user.

  6. You're done!

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