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Invite Local Users (UniFi)
Invite Local Users (UniFi)

How to invite users to a UniFi controller that has only access to certain venues within the controller.

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To create local accounts that only have access to a specific venue, this will need to be done in the legacy UI. If you are already in the legacy UI, you can skip the steps in going back to the legacy UI.

How to go to Legacy UI

  1. Head over to settings by clicking on the cogwheel on the bottom left.

  2. Click on 'System' then disable 'New User Interface'.

  3. You'll be prompted with a message informing you about this change, click on 'Deactivate'.

  4. You're now on the legacy UI.

Invite Users

  1. Select the site that you would like to set an account for, this can be done by clicking on the site selector on the top right.

  2. Once selected, head over to settings by clicking on the cogwheel on the bottom left.

  3. Click on 'Admins' then 'Add New Admin'.

  4. You should see a new screen appear to fill in the new user details. Fill in the following information:

    Manually set and share the password

    Name: Stampede

    Password: <this can be an autogenerated password>

    Role: Administrator (This is required for the Stampede integration to work)

    Allow devices adoption: enabled

    Show pending devices: enabled

    Allow editing dashboards: enabled

    Allow system stats access: enabled

    Allow read only access to all sites: disabled

  5. Once the details have been filled in, click on 'create'.

  6. You have now created a user that only has access to view a single site.

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