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Sending and Receiving Emails
Sending and Receiving Emails

How to send emails via the Stampede Inbox

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

First, ensure you have configured Stampede Inbox to receive emails, see How to Setup Stampede Inbox.

Sending, receiving and responding to emails is simple, with our chat-based format and threads you can easily manage your customer emails.

Sending an Email:

  1. Select Inbox on the left-hand side and click the plus button at the top right.

  2. From here you can write an email as normal, input the email of who you would like to send one to and hit enter to lock it in.

    Note: You can format your emails as well! Highlight the text and you'll be able to access options like bold, italics and lists.

  3. Hit send now at the bottom right and this will send your email.

  4. The conversation will then be added to an open thread.

  5. You can then manage the conversation within the Inbox in a chat-based format.

Note: The ticks beside the sender show tracking information allowing you to see:

  1. When you sent the email.

  2. When your recipient received the email.

  3. When they opened the email.

Email received:

Emails received by your customers will display in this format, with your company email and your Venue name at the top.

Responding to an email:

To respond to an email you can do everything from Inbox! Simply write your reply in an email format from the text box and hit send.

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