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Managing Threads
Managing Threads

How to organise and manage your Inbox threads.

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

A useful feature of Stampede Inbox is the ability to manage your conversations internally.

This includes:

  1. Opening and closing threads.

  2. Leaving notes.

  3. Timestamps and tracking.

Opening and closing threads:
To help manage your conversations you can set a thread to closed upon completion, this will free up your inbox and allow your team to focus on active conversations as opposed to scanning through all your emails.

Conversations started are automatically added to the open section.

  1. To Close a thread select Close thread top-right.

  2. To Reopen a threat, navigate to Closed and select the thread, then select Open thread at the top-right.

Leaving notes:

This feature allows you to make internal notes that only your team can see, during email conversations, this could range from reminders to yourself or information regarding the next steps.

Notes are published in the chat-based format allowing you to place information directly after an email is sent or received. Notes can also be formatted by highlighting the text.

  1. To leave a note, click the email button on the chat box at the bottom of your conversation thread and change this to Note.

  2. Enter your note and hit Add note.

You have successfully left an internal note!

Timestamps and Tracking:
This feature allows you to track when communications are made, for both emails and notes. Communications are separated into dates, allowing you to quickly jump through a timeline of conversations, each message sent also displays a timestamp below.

  1. When you hover over a message the i symbol appears at the top-left. Clicking this will show more about which account name sent the email and when.

  2. Hovering over the tick at the bottom-right of a message will reveal tracking information this shows you when the email was sent, and delivered to the recipient and when they opened the email.


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