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How to Setup Stampede Inbox: Email Server
How to Setup Stampede Inbox: Email Server

How to setup Stampede inbox on your email server.

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

Stampede Inbox allows you to link your business email inbox directly through Stampede.

This can allow your team to respond and reply to enquiries without accessing your email directly. Additionally, emails are managed in threads, allowing you to organise conversations better, moving these to closed when complete.

Setting up your inbox is a simple procedure and may vary depending on your email server, but the steps will be similar in all most cases, if you have any trouble setting up your inbox contact us and we can help!

For these examples, we'll say Cutlery Works wants to forward their emails to Stampede Inbox.

to_be_forwarded =
destination =

  1. First, within Stampede, go into Settings scroll to the bottom of the page to Inbox Settings and copy either:

    1. Organisation: Configure your mail to be sent collectively from all venues to your inbox.

    2. Venue: Configure your mail to go to a separate venue inbox

GUI - CPanel:
Setting up email forwarding with a GUI-based email server is easy! Follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  1. Navigate to the Email section within CPanel and click on the Forwarders item.

  2. Click on the Add Forwarder button

  3. Set your source and destination addresses, in this case, in the first box type in the user name foh then in the drop box below select

  4. In the section below, select Forward to Email Address and paste

  5. Then hit Add Forwarder.

    You have now configured CPanel to forward all mail received from email server to your Stampede Inbox. If you have multiple accounts you would like to add, simply repeat the previous steps.

CLI - Ubuntu Linux Server:
The first step to setting up email forwarding on your Linux server is to have installed and configured an MTA (Mail transport agent). Postfix is one of the most common MTA's and we'll use this as an example. An MTA allows you to send and receive emails, but you can also set this to redirect emails.

  1. Log into your Ubuntu Linux Server.

  2. Install Postfix: Run sudo apt-get install postfix from the command line, select internet site when prompted for its use and insert the domain address for your company.

  3. Setup Postfix for email forwarding: Modify /etc/postfix/ with your favourite text editor (I recommend VIM) and add the following to the bottom of the configuration file:

    virtual_alias_domains =
    virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

  4. Save and create a new file /etc/postfix/virtual

  5. Modify the virtual file and add:

    Note: If you have multiple addresses you would like to forward to your Stampede Inbox, follow the same rule set, one per line: source -> destination i.e:

    To forward all addresses to your Stampede Inbox use:

  6. Save the virtual file and exit, then execute these commands to map your destination and forwarding address and reload postfix to implement changes.

    postmap /etc/postfix/virtual
    service postfix reload

  7. Postfix runs on port 25 so make sure within your firewall configuration this port is open.

    You have now set up email forwarding to your Stampede Inbox

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