How to create a booking

Making bookings are easy with Stampede!

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You can make a booking from all views including the main menu within Stampede Bookings, see also How to create a walk-in.
To get to bookings click Venues.

Then click Bookings.

At the top of the view, you will see the Create Booking button.

Clicking this allows you to create a booking!

  1. First, click Create, this will open the Create booking widget on the right-hand side.

You will then see the following options:

  1. Select a date: Select the date for the booking, by default this will always be the current date.

  2. Party size: Choose how many the booking is for.

  3. Type: This lets you choose the type of booking for example to distinguish between inside and outside area bookings

  4. Time and duration: Choose the time and how long the booking will last. This will also show you the next available times if you're busy on a certain day.

  5. Table choice: Once you have entered the date, time and party size, Stampede Bookings will automatically assign the best table for the booking. You can override this by clicking the x next to your tables and clicking tables within the list below.

  6. Customer details: If the customer has booked or interacted with your venue before you can search for the customer, if in your database, the Name, Email and phone number forms will fill out automatically. Note: By default email and phone numbers are set to ignore, uncheck this to fill out customer information.

  7. Internal Notes: A text area to allow you to enter any important details regarding the booking.

  8. Accessibility: This allows you to check if a guest requires a high-chair, or has a wheelchair or buggy.

  9. Create booking / Walk-in button: The final step, allowing you to confirm your booking! Just click the button as seen below.

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