How to view bookings

How to view your bookings and the different styles available.

Written by Rory Rorison
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From within your venue's booking page there 4 different booking views available to you, with a preview to show you how they look.

  1. Head to Bookings on the left-hand side and select your venue to access the bookings page.

  2. Just under the Hotbar, you'll see the booking view types.

Day planner: This gives you a live timeline of the day, with the red bar showing the current time. Bookings are presented showing the duration as per your settings.

List view: This presents all your bookings in a run sheet style, which can be split into their status. Clicking on a booking will allow you to see more details and modify the reservation.

Floor view: Allow you to view your bookings from a table view. The section is split into tables, clicking on a table will show you the reservation details for that day. Additionally, status symbols are applied to each table allowing you to see if the table is occupied or not.

Tables are colour coded to allow you to quickly see if a table is free, or expecting a booking soon.

Calendar view: This allows you to see all your bookings within a monthly view, this tallies the total covers on the top right.

A cool feature is each day will display:

  • Total bookings

  • Total covers

  • Number of large parties/if only one large booking the size of that booking

  • Your busiest period. This could be used to notice daily trends and adjust your rota accordingly!

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