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Modifying an existing booking
Modifying an existing booking

How to make changes to a booking.

Written by Rory Rorison
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If you've created a walk-in and want to add an email address or phone number for marketing purposes, or maybe you've put a customer on the wrong table or need to adjust the time.
If you're looking to change the status of a booking from active to seated see How to change the status of a booking.

Day planner: Click the i symbol on your booking. Hovering over this will give you a breakdown of the booking.

List view: Click the booking you wish to change.
​Floor and Calander view: Modifying bookings is not yet possible from these views.

Once you have selected your booking for either Day planner, or list view, this will bring up the update booking widget. Allowing you to customise the booking.

Once you have made your changes click the Update booking button. If you make a mistake, don't worry just click cancel and you can start again.

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